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Paddock maintenance

Why is it important to have my paddocks maintained?

As horse owners ourselves, we understand the issues that can arise in your paddocks – and the importance of getting them right!

Without regular maintenance, paddocks quickly become poached, rutted and unproductive. Weeds will colonise bare areas caused over winter and then very quickly overtake your grass by spreading unwanted seeds.

We can help with services such as fertilizing, weed control, paddock mole draining, chain harrowing and much more.

Soil health

We have access to a leading expert in soil health. So you can get the best advice on which nutrients are needed to improve your paddock, and ultimately the health of your horses.

We have our own fleet of compact tractors and equipment to deal with all common paddock maintenance tasks, from tractor mounted flail mowers to specialist mole draining tools.

Why should I use Unicorn Lawns and Landscapes?

Simply put, we are independent – we don’t have massive sales targets or enormous overheads, we aren’t tied to one manufacturer’s product offering – we are personal and bespoke.

We can offer a a season-long programme – or you can ‘Pay as you go’ – we won’t tie you in and there are no upfront fees.

We have a wide range of equipment ‘in-house’ and years of experience in using it at the right time of year, in the right conditions to get the best possible results for you, our customers.